#4 JT is back

While my last post mentioned about the aftermath of the popularity of the song “Gangnam Style”, this third post is dedicated to looking at the most recent progression of the U.S pop industry: Justin Timberlake. JT’s new album The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 is coming out by the end of this month. This album is a continuation of a The 20/20 Experience that was released last March. Somehow we know that the word “sequel” almost all the time brings disappointments. Perhaps this is why JT has been emphesizing that the second album is rather the other half, a completion to the first album since his promotion of “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors” (Click here for his interview with Ellen Degenerrous). The way in which JT went about writing these songs brings new perspectives about how creativity can be approached. All songs included in these two albums were produced by JT and his friends within a 20 days span in the studio. JT says that he didn’t have a specific number of songs or a goal in mind during these 20 days. He wanted his hyper-energy to be transferred into his songs as he kept his creativity to overflow. In my opinion, this resembles  similar characteristics of the beat movement from the 1950s. Now with a faster pace of technology surrounding all 21st century artists, it will be an interesting perspective to see how JT’s creative process can shed a new light to represent the pop movement of the 2010s.


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