The boy’s shoulders shrugged. Tears started brimming in his eyes, burning. His cheeks blushed. He looked down. He bit his lips tightly. He told himself he is never going to be wrong again, ever. Little did he know he was going to spend the rest of his life figuring out one wrongness after another. Only until he could let go of trying to be right, never.


To All Those Who Think Otherwise

In your smile, in between your white teeth, there is a crack of skepticism. Don’t tell me you are happy for me. Your bit of skepticism is stuck in your thoughts like a left over piece of kale salad in your mouth. You think of all the otherwises, uncertainties, and tsk-tsk-tsks for me when I never asked you to. I appreciate your gesture. I appreciate you trying in the not-trying. Thank you. But when you smile, I see your crack of ignorance right through you. You think that my voice is small, that my voice is soft, that I am on the wrong track—oh well, please. I may be kind, but I know what loud means. I’ve held a pen that is mightier than the sword. Mightier in Truth and honesty. Did you know that the river keeps flowing? Carving out and smoothening the rocks to silence, the water is gentle and persevering. Kindness flows like that. My voice may be vulnerable, but I will never give up my tongue, my pen, my brush, to craft kindness. So when you smile to pretend, I will smile back at you. And tell you, you got something on your teeth.

It’s Good to Not Know



It’s good to not know;

to look up at the sky to wonder

where the clouds are coming from,

to stare at the clock ticking its way to the night and the stars,

to mark circles on the calendar,

to flip through the empty pages of the passport

Who. Where. What. When.

Hoping and wanting,

holding on and letting go



I don’t know how courage gets ignited,

how it pierces through the fog of fear

and burns to shine.

It warms up the heart;

Hands held into two strong fists,

soaking anxiety.

Time takes questions after questions.

Doubts melt

—into the mystery I walk in.



I know this victory:

The exceedingly magnificent breath of joy,

the silver lining through the silence

of grey suffering, the green and white collage

of reunion.

It is near you.

So close to you

—I will keep whispering.



Here’s to the deep and rich time from the past,

the weaving of our lives that will be brought back in our hands once more.

Here’s to the unknown and sacred future,

the adventures that will take us to meet and trust and live.


It’s good to not know.