I let my lungs run out of breath. I wait for my body to gasp, burst out in desperation. That’s all it takes to know that nothing in me, I own. Not even a sliver of wonder or greed. The haze of uncertainties lurks behind the cherished remembrance of mercy. I run to grip on the edge of fleeting shadow of Death. Blisters ache in every inch of my finger tips. Let go. Please let go. My heart whispers, eyes cringe. Then there, then hither, the last ounce of my strength, taken away. I am left empty handed, wounded but free. So I break my Alabaster, with an even more shattered soul. Doubts break in cacophony. The fragrance of the oil spills, fills my lungs. I bring my wretched hands. I reach to touch His feet. Fear dissipates. All is left is His gaze on me.